Form and Function: Striking the perfect balance in watches

Form and Function: Striking the perfect balance in watches

The grand meaning of watches have evolved. From once mere timekeeping devices, to their current sophisticated fashion statements and status symbols, watches have undeniably become their own identity. As the market becomes flooded with an array of options both from renowned and upcoming brands, watch enthusiasts now find themselves torn between two important aspects: luxury and functionality. As luxury watches exude status and prestige, functional timepieces prioritize practicality and performance. Let us delve into these unique characteristics and find out how they can be married. 

Lux in Luxury:

Luxury watches are symbols of being exclusive, elite, and they are synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. These timepieces often boast intricate designs, precious materials, and impeccable artistry. Brands like Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, and Rolex have become the benchmarks of luxury timepieces with their intricate complications, rare and high quality materials, and exquisite designs. Owning a luxury watch not only serves as a status symbol but also reflects one's refined taste and discerning style. 

Patek Philippe blue mechanical watch

Photo from Patek Philippe

Peace in Practicality:

Functional watches serve a purpose, and that purpose is linked to practicality. Timepieces designed for specific purposes, such as diving, aviation, or racing, incorporate features tailored to those activities. These watches often come equipped with water resistance, chronographs, tachymeters, and luminescent dials, ensuring they can withstand rigorous conditions and deliver accurate timekeeping. For those immersed in practicality, a watch is still, in its heart, a tool which can reliably serve its daily purpose. 

Seiko Astron mechanical watch in steel bracelet

Photo from aBlogToWatch/Seiko

Leveraging a common ground:

In the realm of watches, the concept of form vs functionality is not mutually exclusive. More often than not, they go hand-in-hand during their design, development, and application. Brands like Omega, or Grand Seiko, have made innovations to marry both a luxurious yet practical watch. Now that the watch industry and market has opened up a broader horizon in the form of microbrands, we're seeing more and more competitive offerings that can and do not compromise one aspect over another.

Argos, a microbrand based in the Philippines, can be a very good example of a great offering. With its robust NH35 automatic movement which is both accurate and shock resistant, the case of it being practical can be argued. While it does not boast of rare materials, the Argos' Odyssey flagship model sports top grade stainless steel and sapphire glass. That, together with its unique dial pattern, timeless yet creative design mantra, the brand is well poised to complete a package that is both well made for style, and well made for function.

Argos Watches The Odyssey Cream

Of course, personal preferences and requirements still play a significant role in the watch purchase-decision-making process. Some may prioritize the lavishness and exclusivity offered by luxury watches, while others lean towards the reliability and performance of functional timepieces. However, the watch industry continues to evolve, with brands big and small continually pushing the boundaries of design and engineering to strike the perfect balance between luxury and functionality. Ultimately, the harmonious blend of these two aspects captivates watch enthusiasts and allows them to find their perfect and unique timepieces, those that reflect their individuality and meets their diverse needs.

Argos Watches The Odyssey NH35A Mechanical Movement
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