Behind the Scenes

Argos Watches is a brand built to be different. Even our partners are unique in their own way. It is with their other minds that Argos can produce quality timepieces that would make you proud to wear. 

You can learn more about our partners below and how their minds tick.

Ivan is an electrical engineer by profession who specializes in electric power systems. He is a man of many hats, juggling his day job as a university professor and an entrepreneur. He is also no straight arrow, expressing his creativity through playing the piano, writing, and observing nature. Starting his watch journey a few years back, he fell into the rabbit hole quickly with now a passion for mechanical watches. As the leading man behind the concept and creation of Argos, Ivan dabbles in a little bit of everything.

A human resources practitioner since 2016, Trish specializes in organization and development. Her unique skillset keeps the entire team in check with deadlines, to-dos, and everything. Additionally, Trish uses her thirst for knowledge and love for problem-solving to improve the brand's look, feel, and reach. Her endeavors include being an avid book reader, listening to crime podcasts, watching reality TV shows, and being fun overall.

Stephen, or Steph for short, keeps himself busy with hobbies such as playing basketball, going to the gym, and watching anime. He is also a foreign exchange market trader, which naturally means he controls the finances. Since Steph and Ivan have been close friends since college, they know what each other is thinking. Being an introvert, he likes to spend more time only with people he's incredibly close with, but that does not mean he'll say no to a party.

Nikki is the business mind behind the whole enterprise. Nikki helps with everything, from concepts, finances, strategies, and development. She is no stranger to business, as she is part of other entrepreneurial efforts, such as a quiet neighborhood coffee shop. Nikki is into photography, now part of a roster of hobbies that include coffee, music, and interior design. When not drowning in work which she enjoys, Nikki also spends her free time watching F1 races.

The group's original enthusiast dating back to 2015, Greg has had his fair share of watches. While he could be more knowledgeable and the one with the best collection, he makes up for it with a continued passion for understanding the latest news, innovations, and designs. He does public relations and communications for a living, which he also uses to help elevate Argos' image. Greg likes destressing by playing video games, discovering new food places, and driving aimlessly around the metro.