Our Vision and Purpose


Argos, a watchmaking company from the Philippines, has a bold vision: to professionalize the craft of watchmaking in the Philippines. The company's ultimate goal is to establish itself as the country's market leader in making timepieces that stand the test of time, both in quality and artistry.

In pursuing this vision, Argos Watches seeks to elevate the Philippine watchmaking industry by combining local talent with world-class tools and materials. It firmly believes in the untapped potential of Filipino watch technicians — recognizing that with the right support and platform to enhance their skills, their craft can transform into a sustainable source of livelihood. This, in turn, will meaningfully contribute to the Philippine economy while allowing the country to create its own mark within the global watchmaking community. Argos Watches aspires to reshape the perception of watchmaking in the Philippines through its unwavering commitment to excellence as exemplified by its watches and dedication to nurturing local talent.