Built for your daily grind.

Every Argos watch is quality-assured with rugged activities in mind. Yet, the intricate details of its design allow the combination of sophistication and functionality.

The Odyssey. A utilitarian watch built for the practical man.

Japanese movement, anti-shock, 41-hour power reserve, sapphire crystal, textured dial, all in a 38-mm case with 50 meters of water resistance.

Details, executed at the highest level.

  • Inquirer Lifestyle

    "Their tagline ‘Make it your time’ is the central idea that Argos is built upon. It came from realizing that people in most cases consider buying a watch a huge purchase that oftentimes accompanies their achieved milestones. Instead, rather than solely picking out a timepiece for a birthday, a reward, or any momentous occasion, they want watches to be an option for anything."

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  • Esquire Magazine

    Argos isn't afraid to be out of the ordinary while empowering its wearer to take charge of their time. The group says their designs are typically inspired by a mix of heritage and contemporary designs, and this timepiece is no different. Guided by their production philosophy to "dare boldly and execute greatly," the group takes inspiration from classics like Grand Seiko.

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  • Metroscene Mag

    Argos believes that Filipinos possess the necessary skills and creativity to establish a brand that can thrive in the global market — and it's not far from happening.

    With their vision and philosophy of what they represent, Argos surely deserves to be on everyone's wrist.

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  • When in Manila

    And if there’s one thing I’ve learned: Argos Watches is truly world-class.

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  • Watch Manila

    It does not bank on the Filipino pride marketing as it tries to stand on its own, and compete with its quality and standard.

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  • Filipino Time

    I love this watch, it looks promising in the local watch scene. I'm very [very] excited to see their next releases.

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  • Talking About Time

    "Argos Watches has made a really cool watch with an incredible dial. I’m also a big fan of the lugs on this case. Argos is the first watch I have experienced from this Philippines based microbrand and I am super impressed. The indexes play with the light and the dial has a lot going for it."

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