Five Reasons to Wear a Watch

Five Reasons to Wear a Watch

Fashion is a part and parcel of our society. It has been seen since the dawn of human civilization. Of course, back then nobody called it "fashion." This was a concept that first took shape in the Roman Era or around 500 BC. Before this time humans would wear clothing to protect themselves from weather and climate conditions, or possibly as a cultural precept. An interest and market for clothing distinctions and a general mindset of fashion as a status symbol emerged greatly in the Renaissance period, and continued throughout the 1600s to the timeline of what we are more familiar with - 1900s to the present. 

In the same fashion, watches, specifically the ones worn on the wrist, were believed to have started in the mid 1800s primarily as an instrument with a practical purpose. It was not until the 1900s where watches would start their evolution to the fashion pieces that they are today. Technological innovations, artistic strides, and cultural advancements are all part of a now lucrative $66 Billion industry. 

But let's step back into basics: What are the reasons why we wear our watches? Let us look at some of the purposes.


Whether you have a mechanical watch, a quartz watch, a digital watch, or anything in between, the one definitive and primary reason people sport these machines is to tell the time. It was created for this purpose, and it will serve its purpose of having a portable timekeeper at arm's length. 


Watches are now a part and parcel of fashion. Not only do they tell the time, but the watch you wear tells of how you want people to understand your individual style. Wearing a watch tells of your discerning taste. It can be seen as a tool, but it is now also an accessory - functional yet stylish; industrial but unique; rugged and creative at the same time. 



Going to a formal event? More often than not you will see many people sporting their best watches with their best suits. Going diving? There are watches specifically crafted to handle watery environments. Is there a meeting today with an important client? Well, a good and reliable watch will make sure you look your best while telling the client that you value the importance of his time. With the myriad of watch options available in today's market, finding a watch that will elevate your outfit is as easy as 1 2 3. 


No matter where you angle it, a watch will almost always represent a certain milestone or "time" to a person. It may be a gift, or your first "real" purchase growing up. It may be given as a commemoration of 25 years of dedicated service to your job, or bought as an heirloom for your firstborn son. There are so many reasons to own and wear a watch. So many reasons to infuse a soul or sentiment to an instrument which will last for generations. 

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We are a community. We are a society. Owning, and wearing, a watch makes one feel that they are part of something bigger than themselves. More than the history of the watch, or the intricacies, and the design, watches are great ways to bond with people and have meaningful conversations. The start of new friendships borne out of a common hobby, or the connection between generations and generations of owners. 

There are so many more reasons on why you should wear a watch. The fashion behind watches nowadays will continue to evolve along with strides and advancements in the art of watchmaking. No matter the reason - whether it be for form or for function - we all have our own take.

The one, important rule, though, is that we respect each other's individualism. Remember that a $10,000 watch is worth just as much as a $200 one to the right person. It's never about the price nor the brand, but the stories and reasons that go into watches.

So wear your watches, and wear them proud!

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