About Argos


During a trip to Japan in 2019, Ivan got into the rabbit hole of watch collecting from a fascination towards the intricate process of watchmaking. Apart from the craftsmanship put into the watch’s mechanism, he realized that what makes a watch unique is the story behind the designs of its dial. This fascination deepened during the height of the pandemic when Ivan was trying to look for watches that were different from the usual automatic, cookie-cutter designs abundant in the market.

With four other enthusiasts, Ivan’s team then decided to design a timepiece that would tell a unique story behind its dial. Argos’ first series and the brand’s namesake was inspired by a story in Greek mythology called “The Odyssey”. Argos, the faithful and loyal dog of the protagonist was the inspiration of the brand as it conveys what a watch is made for — to be a reliable companion wherever you go.

The company's ultimate goal is to establish itself as the country's market leader in making timepieces that stand the test of time, both in quality and artistry.