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Weddings and Watches: The Unspoken Rule

Weddings are widely understood and known to be celebrations of the union of couples. Big celebrations used to be the norm, but after the pandemic hit in 2019, a lot of couples have considered smaller, more intimate gatherings. No matter the size and scope of the wedding, one thing does not change: the need for the moment to be special and memorable. 

Memories are typically associated with our senses: the look and feel; the sound and rhythm; the scent. But the second aspect of the memory is our own consciousness - the way we remember it to be, and how we felt during the time of the interaction. 

Which is why we usually associate gifts with memories, especially those on our special days, like a wedding. While a bride usually gets things such as bags, perfumes, or jewelry, the groom usually receives tech and gaming items, fragrances, and sometimes even toys. 

But what if there was a gift that is timeless, sentimental, and will stand the test of time? Ladies and gentlemen, I implore you to consider the mechanical watch.

Timeless, such is your love:

Watches, specifically wristwatches, have been around since the 1800s. They have been tools not only for telling time but adorned by many because of their intrinsic beauty. People from all walks of life now wear watches - to symbolize their status, their style, and their need for an instrument in their lives. 

In weddings, a gift of a watch can symbolize time spent together and the importance of spending time with “the one.” In any case, the mechanical watch is a classic statement piece to complete your wedding ensemble or everyday wardrobe. Of course, you can still opt to wear one of those square, LCD adorned abominations, but who wants to measure their heart rate while the bride is walking down the aisle?

Sentimental, as are your memories:

Consider the mechanical watch as the one you’ll wear in the most special time of your life, for the one you love - or the one which you’ll wear daily as a symbol of loving every day. Everyone should understand that although not as symbolic as wedding rings, the gift of a mechanical watch exudes the same aura of cherishing memories. 

We remember Marvel’s Doctor Strange as one who holds sentiment and memory in the very last watch he had and, though broken, how he held onto it through the course of the movies. Time stopped for his watch but never for his growth - which is how a couple should be: growing together in love.

Aging gracefully:

A life lived with another is a life well-spent. The absolute goal of a marriage between two people is to live the rest of their lives together, maybe have a family, and be happy. With a strong foundation and a quality of love, this bond is near impossible to destroy. 

One famous brand says that you don’t buy a watch for yourself but give it to the next of kin. Although that slogan is synonymous with their brand, I believe that it represents any mechanical watch built with quality and passion. That mechanical watch, the very same watch that the groom receives on his wedding day, will be the same watch he grows old with and eventually will pass on to his offspring.

The fact of the matter:

In your mid-late 20s, you face the reality of being invited - and possibly attending - a wedding or two. A few years after that, you’d probably be attending so many weddings it’s hard to keep count. Maybe you’re even planning your own. Whatever stage you are, whether you be groom or bride, or simply a guest at a wedding, consider a mechanical watch. It may be unspoken, understated, and uncommon, but a timeless mechanical piece not only elevates your look, but completes the moment.

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